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Desk Research

Desk Research also known as secondary research mainly involves collecting data from  existing  resources or information. Desk research can be conducted in starting phase of market research and can be used as benchmark in the research process. Consumer and Trade Research Advertising and Media research Health and Pharmaceutical Research Social, Political research & Public Opinion […]
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Advertising and Media research

Advertising and Media research Advertising Research Pre-testing of advertising theme, copy and penetrations Post-testing of advertising Media Effectiveness/promotion Research Help to access the efficiency and effectiveness of the total advertising and promotional campaign. Media Research Marketing companies and advertising agencies need to establish such information as “Which is the most widely read or widely circulated […]
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Consumer and Trade Research

Marketing and Trade Research Usage And Attitude Studies This study helps in understanding the innate conditions that tends to motivate or colour behaviour in a specific direction, with a view to formulating marketing programs that will have impact on, or influence consumer behaviour. U & A  studies always provide key consumer related information on: Awareness, […]
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Health and Pharmaceutical Research

Health and Pharmaceutical Research Tracking and Adhoc research which examines access to health care, health care costs and types of medication available. This helps health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare donors make informed decision in identifying effective ways to organize, manage and finance quality health care delivery. Some of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical studies […]
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Social, Political research & Public Opinion poll

Social, Political research & Public Opinion poll Informed by the need for Government establishments, International Organization and Non- Governmental Organization to study the public opinion and views about their programmes and intervention activities in order to be able to make strategic decisions and formulate policies. Measurement of confidence level with government at the three different […]
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Omnibus – Metrobus

Omnibus – Metrobus The PSI Omnibus Survey tagged the “Metrobus” is a bimonthly syndicated study with questions from different organizations, including but not limited to industries, manufacturers, Banks, Oil Companies, Advertising Agencies, Insurance, NGOs, International Organization and Government Agencies. The objective of the metrobus is to enable client have a glimpse of its national urban […]
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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Qualitative research is an exploratory approach that is used to: Understand the attitudes & motivations of customers or other stakeholders to issues. Inform on customers’ language & vocabulary Provide input for the quantitative questionnaire To establish thorough understanding of qualitative factors we use:- Focus Group Discussion, (FGDS) In-depth Interview Triads Psychographics Observations Ethnographic […]
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