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General Overview

Practical Sampling International (PSI) is a full service research agency based in Nigeria with network operations in other West African Countries.  PSI specializes in marketing, social and opinion researches. We have the capability to manage projects from proposal to delivery of final report/data.  

PSI is a leading research organization in conducting social research and opinion polls in Nigeria and other West African Countries. We also carry out research in different sectors which includes Media ,Automotive, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Health, Telecommunication, Advertising (pre & post), Financial, FMCG, Retail Audit, Customer Satisfaction, IT, Segmentation, Mystery Shopping, Opinion Poll, Desk Research and Sponsorship Tracking.

Our scope cuts across household surveys, consumer research, industrial/corporate research, trade research, business to business studies, product testing, central location test, in-home and in-store observations, telephone and on-line interviews.  

PSI is very experienced in using various methods for data collection which includes CAPI (Computer Assisted Paper Interview), CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) and PAPI (Paper and Pen Assisted Interview).

We have established a National network of field force across the six regions of Nigeria and other African countries which gives us an edge over competition.  Our field force currently comprises Four Thousand One hundred and Ninety Two (4192) and 1,004 Supervisors and interviewers across Africa. PSI also has offices in Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal and  field workers in across several African Countries including Niger, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Cameroon, Cote’IDVoire, Gambia, Gabon, DR Congo, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Chad, Angola and Central African Republic.

Our clientele include international organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, governmental agencies, multinational companies and local companies.

PSI fully subscribes to international code of conduct by the Market Research Society (MRS), Nigerian Institute of Marketing Research (NIMRA).

At PSI, we make quality our core value. Hence, we maintain strict quality control procedure to further guarantee accurate and reliable results of data. You can always count on us to efficiently and professionally deliver research services to you. 


Our vision at Practical Sampling International (PSI) is to promote the growth of our clients, make them relevant and remain in business through provision of statistically reliable and quality research services at all times.


  • To provide accurate and scientifically reliable research services
  • To give professional advice based on research findings
  • To make sense out of empirical and statistically gathered information.
  • To collect quality and reliable information that will assist organizations in decision making process.
  • To provide information relating to solving any marketing, social and opinion research.
Interviewer Training Quality Control Conduct & Professional Ethics Commitment

The roles of the interviewer is critical in obtaining accurate and reliable survey data. Consequently, interviewers working on each of the PSI studies are carefully trained in all the nuances of the questionnaire administration and monitored throughout the interviewing period to assure uniform practices:

All interviewers working are required to complete an interviewer training course, which will provide both general and specific interviewing instructions, refresher reviews and “On-Field” monitoring.
At the conclusion of their training, interviewers conduct mock interviews, and their
performance is evaluated by Field’s professional interviewing supervisors.
Before the start of data collection for all projects, all interviewers working on the study are required to attend a briefing session where the interviewing procedures are described in detail by the Study Manager/Director. This session provides both interviewers and supervisors with an overview of the study and includes a question by question review of all items in the survey.
The session also discusses recommended best practice approaches for dealing with different interviewing situations, documenting the results of contact attempts, scheduling of callbacks and confidentiality requirements.
Debriefings and retraining sessions are held as necessary to be sure that all interviewers are following consistent procedures. The performance of each member of the interviewing team is closely monitored and evaluated especially during the first few days of interviewing.


In order to ensure accurate and reliable results of fieldwork, PSI emphasises quality control as an integral part of any project undertaken.Specifically, the following procedures apply to all our projects:

  1. Central briefing of all key field personnel at our head office in Lagos
  2. Pre-briefing and selection of only experienced interviewers in each study locations.
  3. Piloting of questionnaire and modifying for clarity and comprehension.
  4. Field supervisors work first as interviewers during training before assuming supervisory roles. This is done in order to familiarise them with the methodology and intricacies of the study. The supervisors carry out the following tasks in the course of any project:
    • Reviewing of all completed questionnaires for legibility, accuracy and consistency
    • Monitoring the accuracy of individual interviews
    • Spot field checks on interviewers to eliminate fraud and in accurate form filing
    • Accompanying and back checking of each interviewers work; as a rule a minimum of 20% accompaniment and back checks is carried out by supervisors and quality control officers (ACCP = 5%, BC = 15%)
    • Group sampling method is adopted. This technique requires that a field team (comprising one supervisor and between 4 to 6 interviewers) complete a sector or an area before moving to another sector/area as a group. The greatest advantage of this method is the relative increase it affords in the precision and reliability of results as it eliminates the possibility of fraud by individual interviewers.

PSI is an active member of the Nigerian Marketing Research Association (NiMRA).
We subscribe fully to international codes of conduct by the:

  • Market Research Society (MRS)
  • European Society of Market Research (ESOMAR).
  • Pan- African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO)
  • Gallup International
  • Transparency International

A continuing commitment to excellence in the services we provide in terms of Market Research, Opinion Poll, Social Research, Quality Control and Project Monitoring.

  • An integrated, well trained and highly motivated permanent and contract/ temporary staff with a team approach
  • Modern facilities, incorporating the latest techniques and technologies in field research and operations.
  • A growing operation to serve both expanding clients needs and increasingly complex data collection methods.
  • An international clientele from industry, market research, and government who rely on PSI year after year.
  • Project coordinators who work in partnership with the client to execute studies in line with requirements.




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