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Marketing and Trade Research
  1. Usage And Attitude Studies
    This study helps in understanding the inner conditions that tends to motivate or colour behaviour in a specific direction, with a view to formulating marketing programs that will have impact on, or influence consumer behaviour. U & A always provide key consumer related information on: Incidence, Penetration, Motivation of consumption/Usage, Brand Performance, Product Quality and Image among others, likes and dislikes as well as expectations.

  2. Product Testing
    Blind Test : Help to collect consumer related information on assessment of the product Only.
    Branded: This is product test with advertising materials, such as name, colour, package.
    The product is tested and examined in the context of the brand name.
    Generally, product test is concerned with asking the consumer to try particular product for necessary modifications if applicable or otherwise, to get consumer acceptance.

  3. Pricing Research
    Price sensitivity study helps the manufacturer/clients to understand how price affects the purchasing pattern and behaviour of respondents on a particular brand or range of products. It helps the client to answer such questions as:
    • At what price will consumer consider the product to be at equilibrium – good value for money
    • At what price will consumer consider the product to be too cheap that they will doubt its quality.
    • At what price will the consumer consider the product to be too expensive that they will never buy it or will shift to other alternative product etc.

  4. Customer Satisfaction Study
    Could be used to check customer satisfaction level of the Client’s products and services based on product quality, pricing and other services including after sales services

  5. Mystery Shopping And Observation
    To get direct and firsthand information for strategic decision making and policy formulation in area of training staff and development.

  6. Retail Outlet Census/ Retail Outlet Audit
    This involves complete enumeration of retail outlets for a particular product range or category.

  7. Test Marketing
    • Distribution channel checks
    • Sales unit performance
    • Consumer usership
    • Evaluation

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